Barrier Repair Ingredients

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Barrier Repair Ingredients


Phospholipids (or Phosphatidylcholine) and Triglycerides- components of skin cells and healthy barrier

Squalene, Cholesterol & Ceramides- additional key molecules that make up the lipid barrier and cell walls

Omega Fatty Acids from one or more of the following oils: jojoba, flax, safflower, camellia, kiwi, inca inchi, avocado

Vitamins B5 panthenol & B3 niacinamide (a.k.a. nicotinamide or vitamin PP- Note: some skin types are sensitive to topical B3, but sensitivity usually subsides after the second to third use)

Vitamin E (tocopherol)- sunflower oil is a good natural source

Green or Red Tea, Resveratrol- non-irritating antioxidants

Glycerin, Hyaluronic acid- humectant, HA holds 1000 times its weight in water (see step 2 of the sample skin repair regimen)

Copper Peptides- an optional, effective wound-healing agent

Epidermal Growth Factors (human stem-cell derived conditioned media or human fibroblast conditioned media)- optional, EGF’s aid healing and promote healthy, vibrant without the irritation associated with Vitamin A derivatives (although many brands contain parabens and are expensive)February 1, 2018

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