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A Clean Slate

A Clean Slate HOW DO YOU WASH YOUR FACE?  While it may seem obvious to most, taking a moment to cleanse properly at the end of the day is the first step to good skin care. Whether you use a gel, lotion, cream, micellar water, cleansing oil, face wipes, or micro-fiber, here are some basics: 1. …

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Reinforce Your Shields!

If your skin has red patches and is dry and flaky, or easily inflamed, you probably have barrier damage. It can result from over-exposure to sun, wind or cold, because of injury or infection. As skin functions slow with age, it doesn’t bounce back as easily. Anti-aging treatments, like chemical peels and laser resurfacing, can further the damage.

To get the most out of any skin care routine, you first need to deeply hydrate and heal your skin’s barrier…

Barrier Repair Ingredients

Barrier Repair Ingredients REPLENISH AND REBUILD DAMAGED SKIN Phospholipids (or Phosphatidylcholine) and Triglycerides- components of skin cells and healthy barrier Squalene, Cholesterol & Ceramides- additional key molecules that make up the lipid barrier and cell walls Omega Fatty Acids from one or more of the following oils: jojoba, flax, safflower, camellia, kiwi, inca inchi, avocado …

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Sample Skin Repair Regimen

Sample Skin Repair Regimen Here is an example of a barrier repair routine, utilizing some brands that I have had success with on multiple clients. Keep in mind, this is one example, and there are a lot of great products on the market. The key is to use proven formulas (tested for efficacy, ingredient compatibility, and …

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From Zero to Sixty

SKIN CARE SOLUTIONS FOR EVERY DECADE With so many products and treatments available these days promising tighter, brighter skin, ads beckoning with promises, how are you to sort out what’s right for you? Even after a professional skin care consultation, there is so much information to sift through, it may feel overwhelming.  One way to …

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Get the Most out of your Sunscreen

Want to avoid the spots and crinkles of pre-mature aging and prevent some of the damage that can lead to skin cancers down the road? Learn how to apply sunscreen properly, to get the full benefit out of your SPF, and avoid sun damage this summer…

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Online Skin Care Consults

BOOK NOW Get healthy, supple skin without toxins, damage, or controversial ingredients. 1 BOOK YOUR CONSULTATION Once you schedule, you will receive a confirmation email with a link to ‘Manage my appointment.’ Click the link and follow prompts to fill out basic demographics and most important, a detailed INtake form. Please answer with as much …

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Summer Glow Smoothie

Cool down and maintain your smooth stride & youthful glow with this easy treat. The short-chain amino acids in collagen are easy to digest and combine well with vitamin C and other antioxidants in seasonal berries to rebuild and strengthen your skin, joints, hair & nails.