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Once you schedule, you will receive a confirmation email with a link to ‘Manage my appointment.’ Click the link and follow prompts to fill out basic demographics and most important, a detailed INtake form. Please answer with as much clarity as possible. This information forms the basis of your Zoom meeting with our Skin Care Specialist. (Note: Some of the demographics, like race/ethnicity can be skipped, but for now the form automatically prompts for an emergency contact. If you will not be a client who physically walks into our clinic, you can skip that part by entering NA in the name section and 0101 for the number).

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Your initial live Zoom meeting is about 30 minutes long. Our Skin Specialist will provide advice backed by research and years of hands-on experience. She will ask you questions about your diet and health, any allergies, your outdoor habits, and your main concerns. The results and recommendations to achieve your goals will be emailed following your appointment, along with a personalized healthy skin starter regimen.

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Your follow-up communication via email includes up to 3 free email exchanges. Here we can fine tune recommendations to meet your needs and budget. If you spend $100 or more on products, your get $20 off plus free shipping. Spend over $200 and get free shipping plus your entire consult fee is applied to your purchase.

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Holistic Approaches for your Healthiest Skin


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